Customer Services is a single entry/exit point via Customers Service Center .This  "One-Stop-Shop" offers a range of services including data entry, doc scanning, on-line monitors,video conferencing, banking, kiosks and web services.

  • Documents & files reception and routing.
  • One-step Data entry & document scanning [for Customs & GOEIC].
  • Customer-operated Enquiry Stations "Kiosks".
  • On-line Transaction Status Display "Plasma Monitors".
  • 2Way, On-line Port-Customer communication via  "SMS".
  • One-on-One discussions via "Video Conferencing".
  • Invoices & Clearances delivery.

Front Office Services

  • Data entry of Customs declarations and GOEIC Inspection Requests.
  • Document scanning and transfer to transaction records.
  • Issuance & delivery of Customs, GOEIC and/or DP WORLD Sokhna Payment Requests,
  • Delivery of Customs Clearance.

Video Conferencing

  • System eliminates direct contact between consignees and Customs officers.
  • System designed to facilitate settlement & arbitration negotiations.
  • System includes capability to record and manage requests for conference meetings.
  • System records conference sessions. Sessions linked to business transaction records.

Mobile Telephony [SMS]

  • Auto Notification Messages:
      - Inspection Appointment.
      - Container Ready-In-Yard.
      - Customs Payment Request.
      - GOEIC Payment Request.
  • Receive/Send Messages:
      - Inspection Appointment.
      - Taxes & Charges Due.
      - Declaration Status.
      - GOEIC Request Status.

Plasma Monitors

  • Display on-line information:
      - Scheduled Inspections.
      - Declarations with remarks.
      - Ready-for-payment transactions.
      - Customs disputes.
      - SMS service User Guide.
      - Inspection Yard status .


  • System provides online enquiry responses to DP World Sokhna Port customers.
  • System provides natural keyboard data entry and or touch screen technology.
  • System complements DP World Sokhna Port Front Office services.